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TOPICS as of Feb 02, 06

[[vi86] golf anyone?

[vi86] Computer Virus Advisory

COMBAT GROUNDS: Latest Game Perang Online FREE

2006: launching of VI86 website new look.

This might just put a smile on your face!

Nice to be hear guys

Selamat Hari Deepavali Dan Hari Raya !

What it means to be too cautious...

Bullying & Gangs in VI

Dengue Fever & its Conventional Cure

VIOBA Inter Batch 7-A-Side Soccer Tournament 2005

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The History denotes not the history of our school but the history of VI86ers.

There's a lot of web site producing excellent historical data. Links available here.

Currently, it contains only the history of VI86 web site.

I hope to include some memoirs from you all when you are in VI circa '82-'88. So, those VI86ers that still know how to write and want to share it, send in your articles to me.


The Gallery is the compilation of available images that I have in collection. Full of remembrance.

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VI in the 80s
VI86ers in school
VI86 events

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From the webmaster

The 80s was the decade that definitely has an impact on us all. It was the year TV3 made its debut with the scantily clad showgirls in Solid Gold, The Grammy Awards with Michael Jackson’s Beat It, Duran Duran’s Wild Boys, Boy George’s Karma Chameleon, Heavy Metal and Rock songs were sung or hummed by us, The Los Angeles Olympics, US invaded Grenada and Panama, Tun Mahathir became the 4th Malaysia Prime Minister, Malaysian made Proton Saga rolled out, VI won the U23 National Rugby Competition and National Band Competition. The list goes on and on. The 80s impacted not just us but all walks of life.

So who are these VI86ers? Well, since we are the alma mater of Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur, undertook our Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) in that school in 1986 and as the fifth form (1986) is considered the last year for most of our batch, the name fits perfectly to represent us. But there are also those who spent almost seven years in VI (1982-1988) to undertake Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) (One of them is I). Whoever it may be, those who entered in 1982 as a form one student and were in the same classes in our batch but never made it to be VI86ers is always welcomed but I hope they would behave like true Victorian.

How this site comes to existence? Earlier in 2002, Ilham (Rocky) and I discussed on setting up a club where VI86ers batch can have functions and stuff to do. Seems that the thought was also in the minds of the other VI86ers. The idea was toyed and played around until a meeting was called to discuss on the formation of a club. The first meeting brought us a group of VI86ers to VIOBA for the first MEETING. Most have noble cause and a few have intentions. So, on August 25th, 2002, some of the 86ers had suddenly felt that after many years going on with our life, there was the need to get together the VI86ers as a team. The main idea that was in line was to link back among us in business and enjoy ourselves among peers. And also to get VI86ers to join VIOBA as members. Whatever in the minds of these VI86ers, a protem committee was formed. I volunteered on preparing the website and a forum site. While the rest figures on the activities for the club. It started off well with many activities and gathering occurring almost every month but disaster was imminent as non-VI86er started to use the club to gain personal glory. The club itself lasted two years till the so-called protem president decided to close the club.

But is the club dead? Since the decision to close was not made in an official general meeting amongst committee, so technically, the club is still alive but only being left dormant since no one seem to run any activities. And furthermore, those who truly are a VI86ers will always remain a VI86ers. So, any activity that gathers VI86ers in a place is still a VI86 event such as Roy’s Hari Raya Open House and the PD getaway trip. This website also had been in dormant due to time and monetary constraint, only now I hope to be able to maintain it regularly.

Why kick-start the VI86 website? I really hope this website can be the bridge to connect all of the VI86ers and wannabe thus creating the brotherhood we had in the 80s. My point is that if any VI86ers that wishes to hold, organize or have any ideas for a gathering i.e. first wedding or second, kenduri kesyukuran or whatever or even the event is already past tense, please relate it to me, so I can put it in this website. I’m thinking of suggesting a paintball war-game this year to get the VI86ers together. Any takers? Oh, by the way, our Bad a.k.a Badron of 5 Arts finally upgraded his bachelorship straight to PHD becoming the official Dr. Love last year. Many to come this year I hope.

However, a website will remain just a website with stale information. Without any input from any of the VI86ers, this website will remain clichéd and won’t be able to function effectively. I, alone, won’t be able to provide all the content but as a batch, we can always update the web with latest information. I tried to create some coding to have live data feed directly to the site but since this is a free tripod site, that won’t be happening now.

Lets make 2006 a year that VI86ers will bond as brothers again regardless of our background, race and religion as we were before and let the world know that the VI86ers can have an impact in the future of our nation or maybe, the world.

-bobazhar (VI82-88)
JAN 4th, 2006




Fellow 86ers is selling his two condos. Good location. One is just next to PWTC.

For details, click on the condos name below



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